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1Hello, and thanks for visiting my website!

My name is Stephen Parker Smith. That’s the name given me at birth on February 13, 1958 by my parents Gene and Joleane Smith of New Albany, Indiana. Most people, however, simply call me Steve—or Smitty. I have an older brother, Scott, and no sisters.

I’ve been married to my beautiful bride, Mindy (Melinda Ruth Hauselman) since February 24, 1979. We have four children (Ben, Kristen, Julia, and David), two daughters-in-law (Susan and Mandi) and one son-in-law (Bobby). We have ten grandchildren this side of heaven (Garrett, Logan, Connor, Jayli, Hannah, Paxton, Lydiana, McKayla, Paisley, and Heidi), and four grandchildren that made it to heaven before us (Parker David Gilles, Piper Jordan Gilles, and a set of twin angel babies).

Information Technology (IT) has been my vocation for more than 40 years, and although IT has paid the bills it has never really been my passion.

My passion is to fulfill my God-given purpose to lead, instruct, and influence others in the pursuit of a vital relationship with Jesus Christ.

Beginning at age 19 and continuing for more than 35 years, I had the privilege of fulfilling this passion by serving the congregation of Restoration Christian Church in Sellersburg, Indiana as the director of worship. I was blessed to have Mindy serving alongside me for most of these years. God has given her a beautiful voice and a heart that loves to worship Him.

In January, 2013 I handed my worship leading responsibilities to a younger generation and founded SICMA (Southern Indiana Christian Men’s Association), a ministry focused on developing meaningful, Christ-centered relationships among men as a means of strengthening, encouraging, and holding one another accountable to a life that honors God and inspires others to want to know Him too. Read more about this on the Recommended Resources page.

For more than a decade, I wrote articles for our church newsletter. Initially, the articles focused on the topic of praise and worship—a natural extension of serving my local church as a worship leader. At some point, however, my pastor encouraged me to explore other topics.

Writing brings me a genuine sense of purpose, fulfillment, and pleasure, and is a conduit for the teaching gift God has given me. However, I also enjoy teaching God’s Word from the pulpit when given the opportunity. Regardless of the means or the method, I am most fulfilled when God is working through me to strengthen, encourage, and bless others.

I would be happy to speak to your church, group, or conduct a book signing in your retail store. Use the Contact form to make arrangements.

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