DARE To Be Christlike by: Stephen P. Smith

Becoming Christlike seems impossible, right? It’s as if we are standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon, gazing across the enormous expanse, wondering how on earth we could possibly get from here to there. In Dare To Be Christlike, Steve shares a fresh perspective of how the love of God shed abroad in our hearts is the key to bridging the gap between a life that demonstrates Christ and a life that does not.

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“If we could only keep all the un-Christlike Christians out of sight, the greatest hindrance to the triumph of the gospel would be gone.” […]

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What is a Christian? Can you tell me what it means to be one? Even better, can you show me? These are neither the easiest questions […]

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If I . . . understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. […]

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Endorsements and Testimonials


Authentic and Transparent

Steve Smith is one of the most authentic men I know, and his book Dare To Be Christlike will challenge and encourage you to seek and follow Jesus in a new, real, and exciting way.

Smitty has used his extensive knowledge of Scripture and his willingness to be transparent, to write a book that is Biblical, practical, authentic, challenging, loving, and straightforward. This book will change your life!

Rich Elliott

President, Best-One Retreading

President, Heritage Classic Foundation

Friendly, Warm Writing Style

I just put down your book. I loved it! You tackled such a huge topic with humor, faith and amazing organization. I admire your ability to integrate scripture, personal anecdotes, examples and quotes to make your points. While your friendly, warm writing style made your message accessible and attractive, your faithfulness to the sometimes difficult truth kept it real. Anyone reading this can just tell the kind of upright, honorable person you are. Thanks for the witness. Keep running the race and fighting the good fight!

Jenny Riely Placencia

Tampa, Florida

Thought-Provoking and Encouraging

Dare to be Christlike is a thought-provoking and encouraging book I recommend to anyone from new believers to those more seasoned in their faith. My copy is dog-eared, full of highlights, and has a place on my bookshelf within reach. I liked how the book presents powerful questions such as, “If someone you knew were beginning to seek Jesus, would you be top of mind as someone they could talk to?” I also enjoyed how Steve discussed the nature of love from 1 Corinthians 13. Since the two greatest commandments both call for us to love, it’s essential to understand what love is and, equally as important, what love is not. Steve does a wonderful job of communicating this as well as helping all of us understand what it means to be more Christlike.

Nick Gant

Friend, co-worker, and member of Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, Kentucky

Perfect Resource for Study Groups

I am so thankful that I was challenged by the author’s daughter to read this book! I had no idea it would be this life-changing, and I don’t say that lightly.

Dare to be Christlike should be handed out at every baptism, new members meeting, church plant, and study group. Giving readers the knowledge and illumination to live a life that is fully Christlike in an easy-to-read format is truly a gift.

Each new chapter brought light into my spiritual life—not just exposing the darkness, but explaining why we should be Christlike, the logistics of how to be, and the often detrimental ramifications when we allow our sin nature to run rampant.

With succinct chapters, life-changing points, and thought-provoking study questions, this book is a perfect resource for study groups looking for excellent conversation starters that could lead to hours of meaningful dialogue.

Crissy Smith

SojournKids Ministry, Sojourn Church, New Albany, Indiana Campus

Challenging, Yet Deeply Encouraging

One of my favorite quotes from the movie Seven Days in Utopia is: “How can a game have such an effect on a man’s soul?” In Dare To Be Christlike, a game plan for living Christlike is detailed beautifully by Stephen P. Smith. He says, “If you will learn to walk in love, you cannot fail.” And, “Love appears to be the foundation upon which hope is built.” No matter the condition of your heart towards God, yourself, or others; the words on these pages are challenging and yet deeply encouraging.

Lindsey Overby

The Village Church, Dallas, Texas

Theology Meets Personal Practicality

Steve’s personal transparency in sharing his own flaws and failings to illustrate his points are some of the strongest parts of the book. He finds that sweet spot where theology meets personal practicality, using an informal, conversational tone. I love the study questions! I think the book will be great for small groups—or even personal study. I plan on recommending it to our Living Word book store.

Bill Womack

Friend, co-worker, and columnist for The Southeast Outlook, a newspaper published by Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, Kentucky

A Look In the Mirror

Dare to be Christlike challenges you to look into the mirror of God’s Word and ask yourself if you look like Jesus. It is humbling to realize that I have not been fully aware of what it means to abide in the Father. I am now understanding the importance of intentionally knowing and showing the love of Christ to others. Steve shows how to do this out of love and grace rather than shame and condemnation, which makes all the difference.

Morgan Simmons

World Race Missionary to South America

Interesting and Insightful

Steve’s book is a very pleasing read, especially for those desiring to be more like Jesus Christ. I was hooked after the first paragraph! What made this book so interesting and readable were the stories I could relate to. Steve’s keen insight into the need for maturity (true growth) among the people of God is refreshing and timely.

Judith Thomas

Friend, co-worker, and beautiful sister in Christ, St. Stephen Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky

Challenging and Inspirational

This book challenged and inspired me to reevaluate my walk with Jesus. Steve’s loving approach to discussing the importance of living Christlike has caused me to examine myself in the light of God’s Word and get real with my hope that others would see Jesus in me.

Jim Lee

Union Chapel Ministries, Muncie, Indiana

Great Explanations and Excellent Insight

Great explanations and excellent insight encouraging each believer to examine their position spiritually, and embrace personal accountability to the reality of living Christlike.

Tony and Beverly Rezendes

Pastors, Transforming Life Ministries

Come with me on a journey . . .

It was never my intention to write this book—not initially. This journey began in 2011 through an effort on my part to have an out-of-print book reprinted (at my own expense) because I thought it would be a great resource for study groups as a means of encouraging believers to grow in Christlikeness. I specifically wanted to use it in my local church.

When my attempt to reprint The Christlike Christian went nowhere, I began to entertain the notion of creating a modernized version of the book, which would include a few personal anecdotes of my own. After further consideration, I concluded that it made sense to simply write my own book using The Christlike Christian as a template while sharing my own unique experiences as a means of relating the message to a twenty-first century audience. […]

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Practice makes permanent . . .

Psalm 1 contrasts the way of the righteous and the way of the wicked. The righteous flourish for a number of reasons, but here the psalmist enumerates a short list of things to avoid, and one significant thing to practice. We are instructed not to walk in ungodly counsel, not to take a stand with sinners, and not to hang with scoffers. But the real gem in this passage is found in verse 2: “but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night.”

Approximately two years before I began writing DARE To Be Christlike, I wrote the verses of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 on a now worn 3×5 index card and used it as a tool to keep these attributes of love foremost in my thoughts, prayers, and meditations. I don’t know how many trips this card made with me to New York City, or how many times I prayed over these verses while driving to and from work, but the point is, God put a desire within me to be like His Son. […]

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The hand of God . . .

“To these He also presented Himself alive after His suffering, by many convincing proofs, appearing to them over a period of forty days and speaking of the things concerning the kingdom of God.” (Acts 1:3 NASB)

During the time I was writing DARE To Be Christlike, God engineered a number of circumstances and events that were unmistakable confirmations to me that writing this book was not simply some creation of my own. Although I never asked Him for any sign that it was His will for me to write this book, He graciously confirmed it, as attested to by the following four convincing proofs: [. . .]

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Hello, and thanks for visiting my website!

My name is Stephen Parker Smith. That’s the name given me at birth on February 13, 1958 by my parents Gene and Joleane Smith of New Albany, Indiana. Most people, however, simply call me Steve—or Smitty. I have an older brother named Scott, and no sisters.

I’ve been married to my beautiful bride, Mindy (Melinda Ruth Hauselman) since February 24, 1979. We have four children (Ben, Kristen, Julia, and David), two daughters-in-law (Susan and Mandi) and one son-in-law (Bobby). We have ten grandchildren this side of heaven (Garrett, Logan, Connor, Jayli, Hannah, Paxton, Lydiana, McKayla, Paisley, and Heidi), and four grandchildren that made it to heaven before us (Parker David Gilles, Piper Jordan Gilles, and a set of twin angel babies). [. . .]

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