“Great explanations and excellent insight encouraging each believer to examine their position spiritually, and embrace personal accountability to the reality of living Christlike.”

—Tony and Beverly Rezendes, Pastors, Transforming Life Ministries

Dare to be Christlike challenges you to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you look like Jesus. It is humbling to realize that I have not been fully aware of what it means to abide in the Father. I now understand the importance of intentionally knowing and showing the love of Christ to others. Steve shows how to do this out of love and grace rather than shame and condemnation, which makes all the difference.”

—Morgan Simmons, World Race Missionary to South America

“Steve’s personal transparency in sharing his own flaws and failings to illustrate his points are some of the strongest parts of the book. He finds that sweet spot where theology meets personal practicality, using an informal, conversational tone. I love the study questions! I think the book will be great for small groups—or even personal study. I plan on recommending it to our Living Word book store.”

—Bill Womack, Friend, co-worker, and columnist for The Southeast Outlook, a newspaper published by Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, Kentucky

“Steve’s book is a very pleasing read, especially for those desiring to be more like Jesus Christ. I was hooked after the first paragraph! What made this book so interesting and readable were the stories I could relate to. Steve’s keen insight into the need for maturity (true growth) among the people of God is refreshing and timely.”

—Judith Thomas, Friend, co-worker, and beautiful sister in Christ, St. Stephen Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky

“This book challenged and inspired me to reevaluate my walk with Jesus. Steve’s loving approach to discussing the importance of living Christlike has caused me to examine myself in the light of God’s Word and get real with my hope that others would see Jesus in me.”

Jim Lee, Union Chapel Ministries, Muncie, Indiana

“Steve Smith is one of the most authentic men I know and his book Dare To Be Christlike will challenge you and encourage you to seek and follow Jesus in a new, real, and exciting way. Smitty has used his extensive knowledge of Scripture and his willingness to be transparent, to write a book that is Biblical, practical, authentic, challenging, loving, and straightforward. This book will change your life!”

—Rich Elliott, President, Heritage Classic Foundation

“I am so thankful that I was challenged by the author’s daughter to read Dare to be Christlike. I had no idea it would be this life-changing, and I don’t say that lightly.

This book should be handed out at every baptism, new member’s meeting, church plant, and study group. Giving readers the knowledge and illumination to live a life that is fully Christlike in an easy-to-read format is truly a gift.

Each new chapter brought light into my spiritual life—not just exposing the darkness, but explaining why we should be Christlike, the logistics of how to be, and the often detrimental ramifications when we allow our sin nature to run rampant. 

With succinct chapters, life-changing points, and thought-provoking study questions, this book is a perfect resource for study groups looking for excellent conversation starters that could lead to hours of meaningful dialogue.”

—Crissy Smith, SojournKids Ministry, Sojourn Community Church, New Albany, Indiana Campus

“One of my favorite quotes from the movie Seven Days in Utopia is: “How can a game have such an effect on a man’s soul?” In Dare To Be Christlike, a game plan for living Christlike is detailed beautifully by Stephen P. Smith. He says, “If you will learn to walk in love, you cannot fail.” And, “love appears to be the foundation upon which hope is built.” No matter the condition of your heart towards God, yourself, or others; the words on these pages are challenging and yet deeply encouraging.

—Lindsey Overby, Lover of God, Dallas, Texas

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Leave an endorsement or review:

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